Brexit updates and information Brexit updates and information

Brexit updates and information

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Effective January 1, 2021:

With Alphalete's Distribution Center located in the United Kingdom, Brexit will affect how shipments are received by customers in EU countries. 

Orders delivered to the UK:

Packages delivered to UK addresses should not experience any additional charges.

Orders delivered to the EU:

Import duties, charges, and processing fees may be assessed on orders upon entry into your country. Orders below £135 should not be subject to customs fees — however, this is not guaranteed, and VAT may still be charged during checkout at the applicable VAT rate depending on the country of import, as well as by the courier delivering your package. 

As a result, our free shipping thresholds have been lowered to accommodate this change in hopes to create a smoother order and delivery experience during this transition.

We appreciate the patience and understanding you have shown us while we’ve been working behind the scenes to gather the necessary information so that you can order with confidence and know what to expect.

Additional details:

  • When orders are shipped outside of the UK, the HMRC will assess any inbound duties and taxes deemed appropriate to be paid by the customer. Some factors that contribute to the payable amount can include where the goods are sent from, the type of goods, their value, and the weight of the package itself.
  • To ensure the courier can deliver your package in the shortest possible time, the courier will often pay any duties and taxes that are due to HMRC on your behalf, and then bill you for the charge after.
    • Some couriers, such as DHL, may apply an Advance Payment or Disbursement Charge for this service.
  • Once the duties and taxes have been fully paid, the package will be released for delivery. If you decline to pay the duties and taxes, your shipment will be returned to Alphalete.

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